Asaph Maple Farms was founded by Doug Clark in 2009. Our sugarhouse sits on property that was part of the original family homestead purchased in the early 1900’s. Five generations have made maple syrup on our farm.  In 2009 we purchased a 4 x 13 wood fired evaporator and constructed a 18 x 24 sugarhouse. That same year we layed out 3000+ taps and produced a little over 600 gallons of syrup. Today we have nearly 11000 taps and annually produce 3000+ gallons of some of Pennsylvania’s finest maple syrup.

We recently converted our wood fired evaporator over to natural gas, and now process over 4000 gallons of maple sap per hour, and make between 80 and 100 gallons of syrup per hour. The sugarhouse is now 32 x72 and has a full kitchen and a large retail store.

I often think back to the days I spent in my grandfathers sugarhouse, the entire family would be there helping gather sap and boiling. In the late 1970’s my grandfather had nearly 1200 taps and was producing 200 gallons of syrup per season. My grandmother would turn the lightest syrup into candy and cream in the farmhouse kitchen. Making maple syrup has always been a family event for us and hopefully will continue to be.


771 Glenn Road

Middlebury Center, PA 16935

Mon – Fri  8AM - 5PM

Saturday  8AM - 12PM

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